Yes, you read that right. Dr. Majid Sehat at Dentalogy Cosmetic Dentistry is a licensed cosmetic dentist with years of experience, training, and resources to transform your smile into the one you deserve and have always wanted.

You deserve a smile that radiates confidence, makes you feel pretty, and brightens your life! Majid Dentistry can create a fast, customized treatment plan for you to achieve that very same look!

If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in the Dallas area and Irving Texas , Dentalogy is the place to go. Our plastic and cosmetic dentistry practice has years of experience, training, and resources to help you transform your smile! At Dentalogy Cosmetic Dentistry, we do more than help you improve your smile; we help you create a new and confident you. In our office, we craft beautiful, natural-looking smiles and provide long-lasting results. Our cosmetic dentists can help you feel comfortable with your teeth and your smile no matter how big or small the treatment is.

As you know, Cosmetic dentistry is the perfect fit for someone who is unhappy with the appearance of their teeth and wants to change that. Dental implants, veneers and teeth whitening are just a few procedures that can make anyone’s day brighter! If you are unhappy with your smile, and want to do something about it, contact DR. Majid Sehat at Dentalogy to discuss alternative solutions. You can get beautiful, long-lasting results without invasive oral surgery.

Here, we use technology to give you the highest quality of care at the lowest possible price. If you want new, healthy teeth that are evenly spaced, with a dazzling smile, schedule your consultation today.