Why Do You Visit a General Dentist?

General dentists provide basic dental services and routine care. Most dental health experts recommend seeing a general dentist twice a year for preventative care. A visit to the general dentist also means any potential problems are spotted and treated as early as possible.

If it’s been more than six months since you’ve seen a general dentist or you’re looking for a new dentist in the area, give us a call. We’re happy to welcome new patients to our practice.

What Do General Dentists Do?

General dentists are primary care providers. They handle nearly all of their patients’ dental needs.

In addition to providing all of their patient’s preventative treatments, general dentists perform many restorative and cosmetic dental treatments and procedures. If there is anything they cannot handle, they refer patients to specialists that focus on a particular condition or treatment.

General Dentistry Services

The following includes several general dentistry procedures we offer:

Tooth Repair & Replacement

Tooth repair and replacement lets you have a functional and aesthetically pleasing smile. Whether you need one or more teeth replaced or repaired, we can help.


Crowns or caps fortify a tooth that is weakened so you don’t lose the tooth. Crowns cover teeth after fillings, breaks, or other damage.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns work the same way as regular crowns but look natural. These types of teeth are most often used on front teeth because of visibility.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding offers an affordable option for repairing your smile if you have a chipped, cracked, or badly discolored teeth.

Dental Bridges

Bridges are permanent devices that replace one or more adjacent missing teeth. Bridges are held in place by two crowns over adjacent teeth.


Fillings are used to restore teeth after the decay of a cavity is removed from the tooth. It prevents the nerve from exposure, which is painful, and makes it so food doesn’t embed itself in the tooth’s hole.

 Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are the same color as natural teeth. They are strong and stand up to chewing over the course of many years.

Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain fillings last longer than metal fillings and look better because they match a tooth’s natural color.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a less-invasive option for treating many different dental problems. If you’re anxious about dentistry or interested in using cutting-edge procedures, we can explore our laser dentistry options.

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas is a safe option to help you reduce anxiety during dental procedures.


Sealants are painted over the chewing surface molars to provide cavity protection for children and adults prone to cavities.

If you have a question about something not listed above, let us know!

Some people assume they don’t need to go to the dentist if they don’t have a toothache or other concern.

This isn’t true.

A twice-yearly visit to the dentist is an important part of preventing painful and expensive problems.

The average person should have a dental examination and cleaning every six months. Some people with an elevated risk of tooth decay or gum disease should visit more frequently. Even someone with dentures should schedule regular dental visits to ensure gum health, undergo oral cancer screenings, and assess the structure and function of their replacement teeth.

How Much Does a General Dentistry Visit Cost?

It’s no secret that dental care can be expensive. The good news is early intervention tends to be less expensive than putting off treatment.

If you have dental insurance, you are almost guaranteed coverage of twice-a-year cleanings and dental exams. At most, you’ll have a co-pay, which is just a small portion of the cost of care.

Even without dental insurance, it’s important to schedule basic dental care. If you have questions or want to discuss the cost of a basic cleaning and examination, give us a call.

Trust us when we say paying for basic care can save you a bundle in the long-run.

What is a Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Professional dental cleanings remove plaque and tartar from your teeth.

Brushing and flossing aren’t enough to keep your teeth completely free of buildup. Foregoing your twice-a-year dental cleanings put you at risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Teeth cleanings also remove surface stains.

A cleaning isn’t as aggressive as teeth whitening, but you teeth will look and feel cleaner after a professional cleaning.

How Long Does a General Dentistry Appointment Last?

General dental cleanings and check-ups don’t take long, but that isn’t to say we rush patients through their appointments. We want to make sure we answer all of their questions and address their concerns.

In most cases, cleaning and exams take about an hour.

What Should I Bring with Me for an Appointment at a General Dental Office?

You don’t need anything more than yourself, your insurance information, and any questions you might have when you come for your dental cleaning and exam. We ask that you arrive on time and know what medications you are currently taking. Some people write down a list of medications so they don’t forget any..

Our goal is to put you at ease and make your dental cleaning as pleasant as possible. We want to help you maintain good dental health and feel good about caring for your teeth.