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The City of Irving is an innovative, award-winning municipality located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With a vibrant culture and amenities such as acclaimed recreation centers, public concerts, and parks, it is home to thousands of residents who enjoy all that Irving and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex have to offer.

We know how hard it is to find a great dental practice, especially when you’re new in the area. Dallas Dentist Dr. Sehat understands that too, which is why he makes sure his dental office has convenient hours and state-of-the-art equipment. We promise to identify options for your treatment that will make a lasting impact on your life and ensure that you have nothing but positive memories of your time with us. We’ll discuss all treatments before they begin so nothing will come as a surprise.

Dr Sehat is a  cosmetic dentist skilled in all areas of restorative and aesthetic dentistry. Dr Sehat has been caring for patients throughout the Dallas area for more than 16 years and is committed to your satisfaction.

We understand your concerns about visiting dentists. We work hard to create a comfortable environment so you can relax and I always use the latest tools to make sure you walk out of our Irving dental office with a big smile on your face.  We know you’re afraid of dental procedures, but we’ll make you feel at ease in our Irving Texas dental office. We’ll explain every step of the procedure to help you feel comfortable.



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 DR.Sehat is one of the best dentist in Irving, TX with 5-Star reviews from 92% of patients

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If you are looking for an Irving Texas dentist, you can reach Dr. Majid Sehat’s office at  972 -200-1710